How do I configure Cluzee?
On Home Screen, press Menu to set up Personal Profile and Settings so that Cluzee can personalize offerings

Cluzee asks me to enable Location provider!
Cluzee uses location to personalize most of its offerings. Location settings can be found under Settings->Location & security->My Location. Make sure one of the providers is enabled. Possible options you may see on this screen are: "Use wireless networks", "Use GPS satellites" and any carrier specific options. On some phones, GPS takes time to detect location. If you see Cluzee complaining about GPS frequently, try using the other location provider

Cluzee doesn't talk back to me!
Make sure at least one speech synthesis engine is enabled on your phone. Settings->Voice input & output->Voice output. To adjust volume, use Media Volume settings under Settings->Sound->Volume

Can I change Cluzee's voice?
We are working on to provie more choices. Meanwhile, you can use Text-to-speech settings to change the default voice, speech rate etc.

I cannot download Cluzee and updates from a non-US marketplace!
We had to limit the offering to the US marketplace. But, we are working on the international version and plan to release it soon

Is iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows 7 version available?
Currently, Cluzee is available only on Android phones

Does Cluzee run on ICS?
We are working on making Cluzee ICS compatible. Though the current version available on Marketplace may run on ICS, some of the functions such as Daily Brief, Day Planner will fail as those functions retrieve meeting info from phone calendars and with ICS, Android softwares need to access calendars differently

I upgraded the firmware on my phone and some of the functions don't work. Why?
Sometimes, firmware upgrades corrupt data files. If you experience issues after upgrading the firmware, please uninstall and reinstall Cluzee

I am your virtual personal digital assistant and can help you save your time and money.

Some of the services I currently provide are: Conversational interface, Personalized recommendations, Smart filters, Daily brief, Health planner, Travel planner, Notes Management, Social Updates, Personalized Deal Reports, Personal Radio...

Click on the circles below to get more information and learn how you can interact with me.

Cluzee in action -

I am very excited and look forward to learning more about you to personalize my offerings.
  • Personal Day Planner

    Daily Brief
    You can ask Cluzee to summarize your schedule. Cluzee will check your calendar, reminders, contacts, social updates and will brief you about the important meetings with smart details (e.g. depending on the location, current local weather and traffic conditions, calculates the drive time for your next meeting). Cluzee can also remind you about your friends' birthdays, order flowers and can read you important news updates.

    Manage Notes

    Cluzee also helps you take and manage notes and organize them by location

    What you can say?

    "How does my day look like today?"
    "Any meetings today?"
    "Any reminders?"
    "Take note Check out this new restaurant"

  • Personal Health Planner

    Track your calories
    Tell your phone what you just ate and Cluzee will track calories. It knows nutrition facts for almost all food items and restaurant menus and makes it very easy for you to log your meals and exercise. Cluzee also allows you to create custom food items and exercises. At any time, you can ask Cluzee to present daily and monthly trending reports.

    What you can say?

    "How many calories left?"
    "Add food Ceasar Salad"
    "Open diary"
    "Add exercise running"
    "Add calories"

  • Local Search

    Personalized Recommendations
    Cluzee remembers your preferences and provides personalized recommendations when you run local search.

    Cluzee helps you -
    Find local businesses
    Search restaurants and book a table
    Find most convenient parking and reserve it
    Buy movie tickets
    Search for interesting events

    What you can say?

    "Find locksmith"
    "Find Thai restaurants near here"
    "Reserve Table for two at Francesca's"
    "Airport parking near LAX"
    "Find parking garages near here"
    "Movies Nearby"
    "Find movie tickets for Immortals"
    "Theaters nearby"
    "Family events this weekend"

  • Social Updates

    Update Facebook and Twitter status with voice commands

    You can say -

    "Facebook update In San Jose this weekend"
    "Update Twitter Cluzee is coming soon on Android"

    Cluzee helps you locate your friends

    Just ask

    "Where are my friends?"

    Personal Radio - Twitter Channel

    Configure Personal Radio to listen to your latest tweets

  • Personal Travel Planner

    Use Cluzee to -
    Search and book hotels, cars and flights
    Manage trips
    Find and reserve airport parking
    Track flight status
    Convert currency

    Just say

    "Book a hotel in New York"
    "Rent a car from LAX"
    "Book flight"
    "Airport parking at ORD"
    "My Trips"
    "Airline directory"

  • Personal Radio

    Customizable personalized information bulletin

    Voice synthesis
    Automated screen navigation
    Supports 11 channels - News, Sports, Weather, Traffic, Stocks, Horoscope, Travel, Health, Wikipedia ...

    Just say

    "Play Radio"
    "My stocks"
    "Any new headlines?"
    "Traffic conditions near here"

  • Cluzee on Android

    Talk to your phone! Cluzee can help you save your time and money. Ask Cluzee to do things just by talking to your phone. Cluzee understands what you say, talks back, learns about your choices and provides personalized recommendations.

    Task Delegation

    Delegate tasks to Cluzee! If you need a taxi, just say "Call Taxi". Cluzee knows you and your location and will order Taxi on your behalf.

    Conversational Interface - Cluzee listens, understands and talks back

    "Facebook Update"
    Cluzee asks: "Please say the message you want me to post"
    "In Chicago today"
    Cluzee confirms: "Update Facebook - In Chicago today. Please say Update or Cancel"
    Cluzee: "Successfully updated Facebook status"

    Cluzee understands natural language variations

    You need not memorize commands. For example, you can ask:
    "How is the weather today?"
    "Weather in Miami this weekend"
    "Weather forecast for Boston"

    What else can you say?

    Daily Brief
    "How does my day look like today?"
    "Any meetings today?"
    "Any reminders?"

    Essentials - Email, Text, Voice dial, Maps, Directions, Web Search
    "Email John Subject Hello Message Looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow""
    "Call Jenny"
    "Text Lisa Message I will be home in an hour"
    "Map of Chicago downtown"
    "Navigate to Millenium Park"
    "Web Search Green Bean Casserole"
    "Open Calculator"
    "Opean Alarm Clock"
    "Launch Phone book"

    Personal Health Planner
    "How many calories left?"
    "Add food Pizza"
    "Open diary"
    "Add exercise biking"

    Social Updates
    "Facebook update In Miami today"
    "Twitter update "
    "Where are my friends?"
    "Check in"

    Personal Radio
    "Play radio"
    "Any new headlines?"
    "Current traffic"
    "Any new interesting deals today?"

    Take and Manage Notes
    "Note to self"
    "My notes"

    "Call Taxi"

    "Track FedEx package"

    "Reserve Table for two at Francesca's"

    "Airport parking near LAX"

    "Send flowers"

    Local Search
    "Find parking garages near here"
    "Find locksmith"
    "Find Thai restaurants near here"
    "Movies Nearby"
    "Find movie tickets for Immortals"
    "Theaters nearby"
    "Family events this weekend"

    GKBuddy (Ask me anything!)
    "Who is Larry Page?"
    "How many days until Thanksgiving?"

    Travel Planner
    "Show airline directory"
    "Open trip Trip name"
    "Find hotels in Los Angeles"
    "Rent a car from ORD"
    "Best flight deals to Hawaii"
    "Convert hundred euros to dollars"

    Cluzee Car Mode

    Access Daily Brief, Personal Radio, Search, Maps, Directions etc. features while driving

    Cluzee Reader

    Reads incoming text messages